Regulatory focus on infection control will almost certainly broaden with even more significant penalties and demand for provider transparency. Proactive preparation is critical to limiting exposure. In cooperation with the Legacy Infection Control Collaborators, a thorough review of all infection control policies and procedures, and all tracking and monitoring tools will be conducted. Upon completion of this review, updates to policies and procedures will be recommended as needed. We will provide the opportunity to further train and educate, to ensure all policies, procedures, and protocols are clearly understood by key stakeholders.

The recent pandemic has forced all care settings to closely examine transfers and strategize effectively to eliminate unnecessary hospitalizations, in an attempt to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This effort is made more critical when pertaining to transfers from the post-acute to an acute setting. Hospital beds are at a premium and in order to be considered a strong downstream partner, one must be capable of caring for residents at the peak of license capacity. Substantial changes to regulations, policies, financial challenges, and consumer concerns will likely continue. Providers capable of designing their solutions around this new environment will lead the charge. Innovative solutions are necessary. Continuing the practice of business as usual, will lead to failure. Legacy is here to assist you in being the change agent needed to lead the industry as we rise from the chaos of these past few years.

Survey teams are fully operational and infection control will likely remain at the forefront of all survey teams. With survey activity returning to normal, their focus will certainly expand. This expansion will also include the implementation of Mega Rule Phase 3 requirements, finalized in November 2019, shortly before the pandemic began. This places a significant focus and value on Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI). Our Clinical Collaborators are well-versed in survey preparedness and management, including infection control and QAPI. In collaboration with the leadership team, we will build a plan to mitigate risks, limit exposure, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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