At Legacy, we are passionate about improving the overall quality of healthcare and the business performance of the organizations that are dedicated to creating unique and measurable solutions. Through our market strategy support, we work alongside your team to develop a detailed market strategy plan, delivering results that align with the needs of the communities you serve. We begin with an analysis of all data related to market intelligence. We study the performance of local peers and that of referral sources. We explore the areas of opportunity in markets served with solutions ranging from niche clinical programming to Medical Director and provider engagement. With your team, we work to discover what local healthcare systems need and determine how to align those needs with the passion and capabilities of staff.

Our Market Strategy team is designed to identify opportunities, efficiently & effectively taking advantage of each, with a focus on capitalizing on strengths while eliminating weaknesses and threats. As with every Legacy approach, our team is acutely aware of the interdependence of each discipline. Market Strategy must embrace this more than any other team, recognizing that our success inherently means more work for everyone else. Our purpose is to ensure we develop the type of business that satisfies staff, residents, families, owners, operators, and investors alike.

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